Our story

Founded after riding a roller coaster, multiple breakdowns and fractures to a solid loving relationship, which resulted in a near crash.

Our story: 5 years of working three jobs each and a limited social life all to save every penny to build up a good deposit (an amount we were proud of and thought would allow for an achievable mortgage whilst starting to live life), to build a house that we were proud of- one off quality and unique style. We met with our impressionable builder who guaranteed great service, communication (very hard to find in the construction industry), and high quality craftsmanship. We got the quote and although it was somewhat higher than we hoped to spend, we signed. Particularly because we were getting quality that would be reflected in a re-sale valuation.- This was not the case!

One of the biggest investments and events of a couple’s life is their first home; supposed to be an exciting and joyous occasion; turned to be a nightmare.

Paying the higher price for quality fittings, fixtures and tradesmen, however received the base range in respect to all elements, thus allowing for our builder to generate maximum profit.

Looking at one another we decided this would not consume our lives- after nights arguing, crying and endless time drafting emails to “put it in writing to cover ourselves”, enough was enough…

We countlessly made the comment, “Wish some one had warned us!”

Instead seeing it as a point of learning.

Thus, creating a platform to allow people to make informed decisions! If we can save just one person or family some heartache we have been successful.

Protect yourself, not just financially but emotionally!


Tradie Adviser is…

Tradie Adviser is a trade directory platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews and recommendations of local trade businesses.

Public reviews are published in the form of star ratings for the following categories;

– Overall Rating/Average

– Quality & Craftsmanship

– Pricing

– Communication & Reliability

Directory listings are organised based on high to low of average review ranking. There is no option for businesses to pay to have their listing feature higher in directory ranking organisation.

Businesses enlist or claim their profile to publish their contact information, specialties, operating hours and their portfolio.

Reviews published will remain active for 14 days. A business must claim their listing profile to retain reviews.

Businesses- trades and supplier deals can list their specials on the Tradie Deals page.